Joe is an optimistic cynic, a shy dreamer, an anxious worrywart, and his own best friend. Popular in his own mind, he has misplaced delusions of grandeur and success. Joe's life is a constant search for a pot of gold, a fairytale princess and a storybook romance. He is always more than eager to jump on any bandwagon in the hope of increasing his imagined popularity. Joe wants nothing more in life than acceptance
Joe's roommate, Earl, is a TV junkie. Basically a bonehead, he is sharp-witted to a small degree. Although kindhearted, Earl is quite forward, often speaking and acting before thinking. He is not easily fazed, and sees the world as only he perceives it to be. Earl has always been famous for his quick fixes to situations - illogical solutions that make perfect sense to him. His main goal in life is to make sure Joe is happy
Stacy is the object of Joe's affection. The quintessential girl next door, she has absolutely no interest in Joe. Even though Stacy finds him to be a bothersome little pest, a friendship is not entirely out of the question. She searches for her knight in shining armor to whisk her away to "happily ever after," and Joe sees himself in that gallant role. But alas, in Stacy's eyes, Joe is little more than a lowly court jester.